Sunday, October 09, 2005


Apparently the umma is up in
arms over some art on Burger
King’s new ice cream, claiming it
looks like the name of Allah in

Well, I say; SO WHAT?

Is this what the umma (muslim community) has been
reduced to? That the written name of God is now some holy
object, that can’t be on our ice cream? Don’t we muslims
have something better to do with our time than threaten
a corporation with jihad over ice cream?

This is just a bunch of Shirk (idol-worship) and nonsense, if

you ask me!


Arabian Princess said...

Just yesterday, I was listening to Omar Khalid tape and he was explaning the ways that the satan would try to take us away from the right path, one of the ways is to make us concentrate on small issues and forget about the big ones.

I can see this clearly happening in the example you mentioned here.

DA said...


For sure. Our ummah has gotten pathetic; they can't address issues like female leadership or healing the Shia-Sunni acrimony, but they're ready to scream about incidental graphics. Remember that uproar over those Nike Shoes? If we fought HALF as hard on behalf of the Muslim (or other) kids in Indonesian sweatshops making them, I'd be proud.


Umar Lee said...

Well I come down in the middle. I mean on this issue I don’t know, I do know that a settlement was reached with Nike on the shoe issue. One thing that I do want to say is that there is a proper etiquette in addressing the name of Allah and the name must be treated with respect. Having said that this particular issue looks like a non-issue. We do need to address major-issues, and many Muslims stress on the small things and neglect the big things and make fitnah, however if we totally ignore all of the smaller issues then we will have nothing left to defend.