Sunday, November 20, 2005

Baby Tomato Plants

My 3-year-old daughter planted these. Lovely, eah?

Advice needed; do I need to separate these as they gr0w larger? If so, how many plants-per-container?

Thanks for any help!

-Rockin' Hejabi


madcapmum said...

I'd separate them quite soon, and one plant per container. It's beautiful to see something growing!

Tomato plants need some kind of support to grow on, too, to keep their fruit off the ground.

ohthatdeb said...

Hi! I found your blog from a search on voluntary simplicity: I love reading about life in Qatar!

You will definitely need to thin those seedlings out, I'd say you could maybe keep two, max, in a bucket that size. How exciting to see seedlings in November, just when everything is shutting down for the long cold winter here!

Looking forward to seeing these as they grow!


ohthatdeb said...

(Oh! Hi madcapmum! you weren't there when I started posting!)

Leila M. said...

Those don't even have their first leaves, just the seed leaves. I'd wait until there's a second set before separation. I'd put a plant in at least a square foot of dirt (cubed, that is). Are they bush or vine tomatoes? It will depend on whether they go nuts growing or not.

ohthatdeb said...

I agree with Leila: if you wait until they are a little bigger, you'll see which ones will be the strongest. Then just pinch off the ones you don't want. Don't pull them out: that can disturb the roots of the ones you're leaving.