Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dahl-al-hamam Park ("House of the Dove")

Here's the cave at Dahl-al-hamam park here in Doha. Apparently it was a tidal cave. They closed its entrance shortly after they first opened it last year, I am assuming because someone must have gotten hurt. We were very fortunate to be able to go inside and take these photos. Enjoy.


Capt. Craig said...

Rockin, you are something else. I took a quick look at your site, I didn't read everything but I got the drift.
I will make a prediction. Within two years you will be dead or back in the States telling your story and making big bucks with your book. The title will be something in the order of, "Under the Veil" or how about "American Burka" lets see.... "Islam, the misunderstood religion," here’s one, “Mohammed, Mecca and Me.”
I find your assessment of the American social scene to be so ludicrous as to be pathetic denial. I wish you all the luck in the world but I suspect that there is no way when the shit hits the fan that you will not revert to the good old American ways. I will keep tabs on you.

Rockin' Hejabi said...

First of all, mind your manners son. Didn't your momma teach you not to cuss at ladies?

If you would like to discuss or to debate an issue, I welcome that. But what you have said is nothing more than hateful intimidation.

What is your point? Back up statements with facts not emotion.

MosesFreeman said...

You've already been there two years haven't you RH?

Capt. Craig said...

I normally wouldn’t be sending you anything more because I realize you have been snookered and are in denial but when I saw this piece I laughed my ass off and just had to send it to you. Islam is still stuck in the 12th century, pretty pathetic.

PS. You obviously don't know the meaning of the word "curse."