Sunday, June 04, 2006


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OK. let me say that this seems totally like me! Wow, one of the first of these tests that sounds right. -RH


madcapmum said...

An 8? Really?! I would never have guessed that at all from your blog. There's book you might enjoy that goes into more deeply. It's written by a priest, but he's very open about the Sufi origins of the enneagram (in a positive way). It's called "The Enneagram - A Christian Perspective", and the "Christian Perspective" part of it is that it uses the enneagram as a tool to expose our weakeness and sin, rather than as a feel-good frivolity. I don't really consider myself a Christian anymore, but I still get a tremendous amount out of the book.

Rockin' Hejabi said...

Madcap, is that a tongue-in cheek "really?" or are you serious?

madcapmum said...

No, I'm serious. I would not have pegged you as an 8 at all, but that's based on my knowledge of the full profile of an 8 as presented by Fr. Rohr. I've known several "8"s in the flesh (and I suspect a few on the internet), and they come across as extremely aggressive. Extremely. And you don't. Here's what Rohr says about 8s -

"EIGHT - The Need to be Against."..."The basic experience of Eights is that life is threatening or hostile, and that you simply can't trust others until there is evidence to the contrary. Eights seek conflict or come right out and create it. They take the gloves off when they fight and are notorious nay-sayers. They enjoy being against."...."Fortunately, Eights like to take the side of the weak. Eights will not put up with high-handed authorities. Their passion for justice and truth often leads them to side with the oppressed and defenseless."...."The feelings of tenderness and vulnerability are, to be sure, buried deep in the Eight. Most eights show this side to at the most two or three people in their lives."..."Eights fight as a way of making contact."

I do know a few people that this description fits very well, but you never struck me like this at all.

When I took the online test you linked to, I came out as a 5, which is one of my "wings", but my central self is definitely a 4. We tend to pull to one or the other of our wings at different stages of our lives. My guess (and it's a pretty shaky guess since I only know you virtually) is that you're more likely a seven or a nine, and one of your "wings" is an eight, if you're coming out like that in the online assessment. Either a 7 or a 9 can be provoked into an "8" reaction in the right setting.

It's nice to find someone else who finds this enneagram stuff interesting. For me, it goes sooo far in explaining why people do what they do.

Leila M. said...

take some more of those tests, I'm interested to see your Meyers briggs type