Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No Mexican Trucks

Apparently the Butler County Sheriff has been sending invoices to the United States government, and most recently to the Mexican government, for expenses his department has incurred while policing illegal (Mexican) drug trafficers in Butler county.

Well, look out Sheriff Rick Jones! Because about a week ago the Federal Department of Transportation approved
a program that will allow Mexican truckers from Mexico to cross American borders and deliver goods in the United States! Yes, that's right! Mexican drivers, employed by over 100 Mexican trucking firms, will be driving 18-wheelers on American interstates with you and your family as you travel!

What the H#$^& is the Bush administration thinking? Not only does this export good jobs that hard-working Americans have (well, soon - to-be-had) and need, and it undercuts American trucking companies, it also is extremely unsafe! Who says these truckers will stick to the same safety standards as American truckers must? ...And what will be stopping them from smuggling more drugs, people, etc.? There is no way that American border patrol could possibly thoroughly screen ALL of the trucks that will be coming in from Mexico.

According to the
Washington Post,

Joan Claybrook, president of Public Citizen, said inspections will be meaningless because the trucks won't have black boxes that record how long a driver has been behind the wheel.
"They have no way of telling how many hours these truck drivers have been driving before they get to the U.S., let alone when they get here," Claybrook said.

The following exerpt is from

Just two years ago, the Department of Transportation Inspector General confirmed that the Mexican government and Mexican motor carriers were not meeting congressionally mandated requirements. Another Inspector General audit report is due in the next couple of months, raising serious questions as to why President Bush is pushing this experimental program now.
Given the Bush administration’s track record on the truth, and the Mexican government’s history of corruption — and both governments’ recent history of labor relations — you surely understand why every American should be dubious of this idea.
What about national security? Will the drivers be checked against the terror watch list or will our borders be open to anyone with a Mexican driver’s license? Will the drivers be required to carry a Mexican passport, as U.S. citizens are required to present their passports when entering the country from Mexico or Canada? Would the trucks and trailers be scanned for weapons of mass destruction? The DOT is unable to say how many trucks will be participating in the experiment or whether there will be a system in place to differentiate between those trucks traveling within the 20-mile NAFTA commercial zones currently in place and those permitted to travel throughout the U.S.
What about hours-of-service regulations? Will these rules be applied to drivers in Mexico? How would we know how many hours drivers have worked before crossing our border?
And what about truck maintenance and safety? The DOT asserts that U.S. officials in Mexico will inspect all U.S.-bound trucks in Mexico. How would that affect inspections of shoddy trucking companies in the United States?

Yesp, get ready Sheriff! You're going to have a lot more work on your hands!

Dear readers, if you are outraged by the Bush Administration's plan to allow Mexican truckers to cross over our borders, then take action here.

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You tell it sister!! I've missed reading your blog, I was MIA for awhile.