Saturday, June 23, 2007

More than meets the Eye

We closed on our new house May 31st! Yay! We've been settling in, praise God, but there have been a couple of little bumps we've had to go over.

For instance, the day we took posession the previous owner was *still moving stuff out of the house when we did the final walkthrough before closing. Now we know that she was really just here to try and run interference, which did work; we missed something that they had damaged since the home inspection. They cracked the mirror in the master bathroom. They had placed a fake flower arrangement in front of it, hoping we'd miss it on the final walkthrough, which we did. I called my realtor three hours after closing in tears and told him what I'd found. His response was, "Don't they know what Karma is?"??? He's taking care of it, luckily.

Then it rained three days after closing, and I found that there was water pouring into our basement. Went in the garage and saw that the dry wall was wet in a certain area, which made a trail that led to the ceiling. The roof was leaking! Those B$%$#^%& had a leaky roof and didn't disclose it! They lied on the seller disclosure and wrote that there was no leaking roof, no water coming into their basement. And our home inspector missed this! What a jerk! We were soooo angry, felt ripped off, and frustrated. If he was a good home inspector, he would have noticed the dry wall was damaged. They had hid this little gem as well, covering it with their watering hose which was hung on the wall in front of the damaged area. Thank God, water isn't coming in any more, we have had the roof repaired, $625 later!!!!!

And now for a good part of the story. My hubby decided he's building a fence around the backyard for our little ones, so he went and talked to the neighbor who borders our property on that side. They agreed on where he thought the property line was, and he even said he would go halvsies on it financially and that my husband can use his auger. Well, then my husband spends all day in the hot sun digging this fence post hole, gets it in, puts in the 2 sacks 80 pounds each of quick crete, and the guy comes back out. Says um btw I'm not the property owner I'm just renting you'd better have it surveyed I think you put that post on our property! DANG! So we dug that sucker out of the ground faster than you can say "greased lightening"!!!!!

Yesterday we had it surveyed, and lo and behold, not only were we well within our property line, but our yard is much much larger than we or the previous owner thought! And our neighbors on both sides were actually encroaching on our property line! When we were calling around and getting quotes on the survey, we were aghast at the price....but now after we see where our yard actually is, we see that it was money well spent. If you don't know where your property lines officially are, I highly recommend spending the $300-400 on the survey!


ThatDeborahGirl said...

Glad to see you posting, sorry you weren't at the Beacon Party last night, it was fun.

You know, our neighbors are slapping up fences left and right but the neighbors to the rear: I wonder if they ever got their land surveyed or if they just put up a fence where our bushes end. I've always felt they encroached on my mom's yard. I think I'm going to give my mom the gift of a survey.

Rockin' Hejabi said...

Yeah Deb, it's totally worth it. Seriously, we have a *hudge yard that neither we nor the seller were even aware of! It really protects your home, which is one of if not the largest investment of your life!

amanda said...

Congrats on the house!

My big surprise, a few weeks after moving into my place, was a dead furnace. Ahhh...the joys of home ownership!

Rockin' Hejabi said...

Insane, Amanda! Gotta love those surprizes!

Salihah סליחה صالحه said...

Ya for the fence! I just moved and have a fenced yard now...I love it for keeping the kiddos penned in!

Congrats on the move, ukhti!