Friday, January 13, 2006

What if...

My six-year-old son is overflowing with ideas and questions. He is truly amazing, and quite a challenge to parent at times. Yesterday he came up with an interesting question;

..."what if we took all of the milk from all of the cows and grocery stores etc. on the whole planet earth and dumped it into the ocean? Then wouldn't it be a sea of milk"?

Well, at first I said of course not, there's more ocean than milk, it would still be the same ocean as it is now....

But then I thought about it some more, and realized how unscientific of me, I am just assuming that.

I need read data to answer this one properly. Anybody know the estimated volume of ocean out there? And the estimated amount of cow's milk on the planet? Thanks!

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Qatar Cat said...

I could work on it. But I will need some info from your son first :^)

Do we count all the water on the planet or just the ocean? Which ocean would it be then?

As for the milk - does he want to use one day worth of milk production, and cow's milk only? Or 3 days worth of milking, as you can actually find milk that old in the shops?