Monday, September 03, 2007

Shame, shame, shame

"...In honor of men of courage, faith and vision: investors in a glorious dream, of winning the wilderness for the white man...."

"...By that gallant band of axemen pioneers and indian fighters who at the risk and loss of life opened the doors of destiny to the white race in Kentucky and the west."

This plaque simply is mortifying.

It's shameful that things like this are still erect on Government - funded public sites! Yes indeed, payed for by American citizens' tax dollars!

It is placed in Fort Boonesborough State Park here in Kentucky, near the ruins of the original Fort of Daniel Boone, NOT at the reproduction Fort where most tourists come to sightsee.

Generally speaking, I take pride in being able to say that Kentucky is better than Ohio. For one thing, Ohio has too many rules! It seems like a few too many folks who are "guardians" on the Myers-Briggs personality spectrum live in Ohio. Ohio is also where there are just a lot of trashy people. Ohioans always like to pretend like those people are "Appalachians from Kentucky". They have a real denial prob;em, they can't seem to own the fact that trashy people are found pretty much everywhere and the great Buckeye State isn't exempt from that. Hello, can you say "Hamiltucky"???? It ain't in Kentucky my friends, it's in Ohio!

Especially here in my neck of the woods, we are a pretty International mix, with 11% Japanese in my son's elementary school, a lot of Germans and other International people living here because of so many big corporations relocating here. After all, Ohio has too many taxes! And you can't smoke in restaurants in Ohio (not that I do, it's simply the principal of being allowed to do as you wish that I am all for.) Ohio has too daggon many rules.

However, after finding this darn thing, I have to say that
it's embarassing to be living in Kentucky and know that crap like this is still around.

Shame, shame, SHAME!


Cairogal said...

LOL...Ok, I'm from Ohio,but the Cleveland area, and we think pretty much every Ohioan south of Columbus (used to include Cols) are rednecks! ;-) But here's a Kentucky joke for ya:

How do we know Jesus wasn't born in Kentucky? Because you can't find three wise men and a virgin down there.

Rockin' Hejabi said...


Jane said...

It's history. We should not forget history, no matter how disturbing it is. It's especially important to remember this on 9/11.

Dana said...

Personally, I like it that people can't smoke in public buildings. My take on it is that if someone smokes around me, they are forcing me to take in their drug, and I don't even have the benefit of a filter like they do. (We learned in school that sidestream smoke, the stuff that comes out of the end of the cigarette, is actually more dangerous than mainstream smoke, which is what the smoker inhales.) I know it doesn't seem like force, but I kind of have to breathe. I also do not wish to be forced to remain at home if I want to avoid that smoke. They can still use smokeless tobacco if they really "need" it indoors.

I'm in Ohio--in Columbus. I like it a lot, but I think it is probably more tolerant than the rest of the state.