Saturday, September 29, 2007


In my darkest hour
when the walls are closing in?

When will the healing come?

After I've lost it all
and there's nothing left?

When will the healing come?

I've tried and tried to change
and failed over and over again.

When will the healing come?

I'm such a failure
that I'm unloveable.

When will the healing come?

No chance of success,
I'm just trouble.

When will the healing come?

I can't continue
without support.

When will the healing come?

A marriage broken
All that's left is rubble.

When will the healing come?

When I'm dying Lord
and you're callin' me home?

...When will the healing come?


Madcap said...

Oh honey. Wish I could help.

Rockin' Hejabi said...


Alecto said...

oh! I hardly know you. I've only been reading for weeks, not years. But oh! No!

Rockin' Hejabi said...

I'm ok, don't freak. Just discouraged. My writing is a way to vent. Yes, we musicians can be quite dramatic at times.

Maddie said...

Same here (what Alecto said) - I've only been following sporadically - but fondly - and I hope everything's ok. Seems to be a month of difficult relationships, if what's going on with myself and friends of mine is any indication.
Oh, and dramatic can be a good thing. At least no one's wondering where you really stand... ;) (and don't some of us women wonder that about the men in our lives, on occasion??)

schoggi said...
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schoggi said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile now. I'm sorry to see you're passing a tough moment. I hope things do get better! Don't be hard on yourself!
An expat from Cincy

(Forgive me for erasing the previous message. All I wanted to do was make a change but didn't know how. Oh, how awful to be so technically challenged...)

hijabhaven said...

may we all heal!
take care