Friday, December 14, 2007

Between Jerusalem and Jericho

40 Days in the wilderness
I hunger
I thirst
Temptation looms from
She who is cursed

Turn my stones into bread
I will be your Feast
Fill yourself with me
And so be relieved.

This burning
I faint
I'm delerious
A mirage looms before me
inside of your kiss.

If I worship you
I'll rule all the Worlds
And surely God will save me
If I jump down on your sword....

Except this isn't an accident
You here before me
the angels won't catch
the one who jumps Deliberately.

You could be my Messiah
sent to give me some Bread
A magician, a miracle worker
Who's gone to my head
You might liberate my oppresssion
If I flee into your arms.
No, you're just an apparition
of Seduction and Charms.

You're Nothing.
Just a bass player in a rock and roll band.
Everything you have offered
Is right here
In the palm
of my own Hand.

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