Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Space

Please visit my Myspace page.... and also please bear with me while it's under construction.

I'm putting rough drafts of my songs on there... and I'd LOVE your feedback! You can click on "comments" under any song then PLEASE rate the song (towards the snowman being cold/bad and towards the fire meaning "hot" or fabulous/ you think it's great). I need feedback desperately, so I can polish up.





Cairogal said...

Hi RH. I recently visited a blog and saw a photo I thought was familiar:

No, not the first set of photos (you'll laugh when you see those). Scroll down on that page.

Rockin' Hejabi said...

Thanks, Cairogal. Whatever! That guy is ...out there!

Cairogal said...

I've actually read some of his comments on Aysha's "In the Making" blog...very interesting. said...

oh man i wish i was on myspace, i'd love to hear your tunes/lyrics!